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I require a 50% deposit for travel arrangements. I am a luxury experience and I understand that my prices do not fit everyone’s budget. If you are wanting to say hello, but cannot book your appointment today, please do not do so until you can. Thank you for understanding. I take my business very seriously. Please do not contact me if you are attempting to negotiate my rates or my screening procedure. Neither are negotiable. The screening is in place for my safety and yours. My rates may be higher than other companions and once we meet you will completely understand why.

There are two ways to contact me

By phone  0031643184237

Note ; We will not accept  blocked  , Unavailable or Unknow Calls numbers ,

 . So unblocked your number before calling us

I want to thank you in advance for your e-mail. I always LOVE to hear from you, look forward to all my e-mails and will respond as quickly as possible. So please be patient, I am inundated by e-mails.

Before sending me anything please make sure you looked at my Donation and are OK with them. If I haven't met you yet, please fill out my Request Form that you will find at reservation section, completely, otherwise I am afraid I will not respond. My time is very scarce and truly precious as I am sure yours is, so I will only welcome serious inquiries from gentlemen of distinction and quality who are able to appreciate who I am and what I have to offer. As soon as I receive your inquiry I will contact you at the number you prefer me to and as soon as you are screened I will provide a private phone number that you may contact me at your leisure. Trusted and much cherished friends are always welcome to call anytime, I simply love hearing from you.

*All meetings require a 50% deposit to reserve our time together, 50% if you'd like me to join you in your home town or travel abroad.
*Your deposit will be refunded fully if you have to cancel with more than two weeks notice, 50% if you allow seven days notice, 25% of your deposit will be refunded if you cancel between seven and two days. I will not be able to refund if you must cancel within 48 hours. I am sorry for this, but as I would be reserving this time just for us, a cancellation with that little notice might be very inconvenient for me. In the extremely unlikely event that I must cancel whatever the length of time to our appointed randez vous, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit.
*Depending on the destination that you would like me to travel to, the minimum time I require will vary. Please feel free to inquire.

Warm regards and much love,